• Pottinger

    "In 2011 the first EWO CLASSIC device was installed in the water supply to the company kitchen / canteen. Because of the success, EWO devices were finally installed in the central water supply."

  • Achleitner Biohof

    "After 6 years of experience with EWO, one can say, that this system has proven itself and we are completely satisfied with it.“

  • Université de Lausanne

    "We generally had to remove rust coloured sludge from the bottom of the the hot water reservoir every few weeks. This time, to our amazement, we only found clear water.”

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  • Time

    Need to replace and maintain your appliances less frequently.

  • Money

    Aqualy is way more economic than buying bottled water

  • Plastic

    You will get your vitalized and filtered water directly from the tap!

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