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VitalFilter (inc. cartridge)

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Filter over 99% of chlorine, bacteria, drug residues out of the water right at the tap. 

Minerals remain in the drinking water!

Cooking, preparing baby food, washing vegetables and fruits, in aquariums or just for drinking. Enjoy filtered water for anything.

VitalFilter in more detail

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Cartridge duration

The filter cartridges must be changed after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). You can filter up to 4,000 liters of water. A decrease in filter performance is noticeable through a reduced water flow.

The filter cartridge EWO-Monoblock ® (Made in Germany) manufactured according to an internationally patented process has a filter fineness of < 0.45 μm and a very large inner surface and therefore an extremely high absorption capacity. In addition, all undesirable flavors and odors are filtered out. 


The two technologies of the EWO® VitalFilter turn normal tap water into high-quality drinking water again - without any chemical additives.

Filter function
The activated carbon filter has a very large porous surface. The surface of just three grams of good activated carbon corresponds roughly to the area of a soccer field. As examinations and tests have shown, the following pollutants are removed by the EWO® VitalFilter: chlorine, lead copper, microorganisms, viruses, as well as drug residues, pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, all undesirable taste and odor substances are filtered out. This newly developed filter provides optimal security, even against unexpected contamination.

Water optimization
After filtering, the now purified water flows over the EWO® optimization rod. Since water molecules are dipoles that react to external influences like alienable magnets, the tap water flowing past takes over the information contained in the optimization rod from the EWO® information water and stores it. This purified optimized water is now ideal for drinking and cooking, for washing fruit and vegetables, in aquariums, for watering plants and of course for your pets.

Usage advice

For technical reasons, use is only permitted with cold water

Necessary water pressure: 2 - 5 bar

Important: Do not operate behind a depressurized boiler!


Standardized connection for all standard fittings; an adapter is included for internal threads. Thanks to the integrated changeover valve (vertical position: service water, horizontal position: EWO® optimized water), it is not necessary to unscrew it if service water is required.

Reversing valve = M22x1IG + adapter M22x1 AG x M24x1 AG


The flow rate is up to 2l/min, depending on flow pressure, water quality and water temperature.

Installation - quick & easy

The VitalFilter can be easily installed by yourself. This also has the advantage of mobile use as a travel filter given.

Whether in the beach house, when camping, or in the hotel - you will always receive refreshing, high-quality drinking water.

6-months filter change indicator

Your filter cartridges have to be changed no later than 6 months after first use or after reaching the maximum filter capacity. So, that you don’t miss the 6 months, you receive a filter change indicator for every filter product.

After 6 months, when the dark red bar fills the entire filter change indicator, the cartridge has to be changed.

Used filter change indicators (contaminant-free and non-toxic) can be disposed with the residual waste.

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  • Sustainable

    Our activated carbonated
    filters are biodegradable. Made out of coco fiber 🥥

  • 1-Year Warranty

    You are 100% covered if something happens in 1 year 💯

Do you have any doubts?

Does the VitalFilter work with every faucet?

The VitalFilter doesn’t work with all faucets. The faucet needs a connection of M 22x1 inner thread and it comes with an adapter M 22x1 outer thread x M 24x outer thread (It doesn’t work with faucets that have an integrated shower).

How can I know if my faucet will be compatible?

Our filter is compatible with standard thread taps. Please check if your faucet model is compatible before purchasing.
If your faucet is shower type, oval thread or with sensor it won't be compatible.
If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also send us a photo and we will help you.

Can I travel with my VitalFilter?

In general, the customer can take the VitalFilter with him in a suitcase as it just needs to be screwed onto the faucet.

Please pay attention to the fact, that there might be some water in the filter, which can rinse out. So, the customer has to make sure, he empties the filter before putting it in the suitcase.

Can I filter cold & warm water with the filter?

Hot water can damage the filter cartridges in the system quite quickly. If this happens once or twice very briefly, nothing is wrong (just flush cold water through the filter as quickly as possible), but more frequent or long contact with warm or hot water will break the filter. The active carbon in the filter then decays, which then releases the already accumulated waste. If suddenly a lot more water comes out of the filter than normal, this could be a sign of a broken filter. We advise against further drinking this water because the already accumulated waste products can be released.

Do I need someone to install the filter?

No, the VitalFilter is very easy to install. You just need to screw it into your faucet with your hands and you are good to go!