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You’ll be impressed by the positive changes. Improved water quality with an opportunity to save on chlorine, chemicals, and cleaning agents – what more could you want?

Used in swimming pools, natural ponds, fountains and spas

  • The EWO VITAL series is the ideal alternative to the effective CLASSIC device series, specifically designed for water circuits.

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 Reduction of existing limescale, coatingsmud and other deposits plus prevention of new deposits. Water circuits are completely cleaned within 2-3 months.

✓ Surfaces are easier to clean as reduced water surface tension makes the detergents more efficient

 Maintenance costs for water circuits and ancillary systems and equipment are reduced by 50% or more.

 The use of chemicals and cleaning products can be reduced by 50% or more. Included the use of chlorine.

 The texture and viscosity of the water is improved and experienced as soft to the skin and gives a better feeling when swimming.

✓ Skin problems caused by the swimming pool chemicals will largely be prevented.

 In heating and cooling circuits, energy costs are also reduced by at least 10%.

The EWO vitalization technology does not add or remove substances, consumes no electricity or chemicals and is completely maintenance-free.

This highly sustainable technology is so effective that the Return On Investment is on average between 6-12 months.

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The installation of the products is just as important as their quality. EWO Vital needs to be installed by a plumber.

Aqualy works together with accredited installers who are trained for installations of the EWO products so that you are assured of a correct installation.

If you want installation, you can send us an email indicating this.

Click here to know more about the installation of our products

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    Our activated carbonated
    filters are biodegradable. Made out of coco fiber 🥥

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