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For the development of the EWO method for water revitalization, nature was and remains the model. Many pioneers’ wealth of experience in the field of water research forms an important basis for the construction of the EWO devices.

  • Water is the most important nutrient available to man and all things living. Water can be changed and transformed. It can store, transfer and deliver information in its structures, known as clusters.

  • EWO Water vitalization technology treated water at the molecular level. The way water molecules form in clusters is normally influenced by natural conditions. In nature, water clusters are small and harmonious in shape. However, when water is treated industrially, is forced through pipes under pressure, flows past electric pumps and undergoes chemical treatments, the water clusters become unnaturally large and less functional.

  • This unnatural water treatment negatively affects the properties of the water. This leads to an inefficient functioning of the water, for whatever purposes it is used. Heat and cold conduction is less good, the soluble capacity deteriorates and lime and other deposits form an undesirable load in pipes and equipment. As a result, more chemicals are needed to keep the pipe circuit and equipment connected to it clean and hygienic because the micro-bacterial balance is disturbed.

  • When water is treated with the EWO water treatment system, all the natural effects to which water responds so well are simulated and water behaves hyper-efficiently. The molecules of the water form in small, harmonious clusters.

    EWO® water optimization works with the 3 mechanisms:

    - Swirl

    - Magnetism

    - Information transfer.

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Just as in nature water whirls and turns over stones and rocks, in the EWO method water flow is directed through the built-in double helix.

Decades ago, Victor Schauberger discovered that you can revitalize water through strong turbulence. This vitalization ensures that the structure of the H2O molecule, or the way in which the water molecules bind to each other, changes.

The effect of this is that the special and for us humans so positive properties of natural vital water are enhanced. The vortex in our systems mimics the natural flow and that helps to optimize the molecular structure of the water.


The outer layer of the EWO devices is made of high quality stainless steel (duplex steel 1.4462).

This stainless steel is very good magnetizable.

This type of steel lends itself well to magnetization.The tap or drinking water flows through the integrated natural magnetic field of the steel, which causes, among other things, the lime in the water to change its behaviour. One and the same substance can exist in different crystalline structures. This is called polymorphism and applies to both chemical elements and compounds.

Scientific research shows that vitalizing water changes the structure of the lime in it, so that little or no limescale takes place and existing limescale disappears slowly but surely.

Information Transfer

The information water in EWO products consists of a high-energy charge of the purest spring water. This is enriched with a special combination of high quality additives that influence the water that flows past it. This causes the water to transmit natural and harmonious information again. The German physicist Wolfgang Ludwig discovered decades ago that water has the peculiar property of storing and transmitting information in its environment.

The Law of Resonance will help explain this: everything has a natural oscillation or frequency, be it a person, water or any other object. A specific vibration on which it feels “good”. This law applies to everything: people, animals, plants and objects. What is needed to activate the natural frequency is a form of energy that is the basis of all elements and life forms… Vital Water.

The following example demonstrates this fact:
There are three bass guitars in a room. When a string of one of the guitars is touched, the strings of the other bass guitars resonate with it.

The EWO vitalization technology does not add or remove any substances, consumes no electricity or chemicals and is completely maintenance free. This particularly sustainable technology is so effective that the Return On Investment is on average between 6-12 months.

The Austrian company EWO produces particularly high quality water vitalization modules.

EWO purifies and regenerates the water in a unique way, thanks to 3 natural principles for water revitalization: vortex, magnetism and information transfer.