About us

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the feeling of drinking from a clear mountain creek? Not too many of us are allowed to daily enjoy clear spring water.

Water rises from a spring. Original and pure. It has a long way until it runs out of a water pipe. Aqualy gives something back to the water: its power.

Increasingly scarce drinking water reserves and their strongly decreasing quality (environmental impact) led us to develop devices for vitalizing water.

The Aqualy water vitalizing devices are designed to give users access to the most important food - high-quality water - again. It is important for the development of the EWO device series to orientate itself with the technical solution on the model of nature.

Therefore, our devices exclusively work with natural energy offering sustainable and unique products for drinking-, heating-, cooling- and non potable water in private homes, industry and agriculture - protecting the environment, since EWO works without chemicals and users can save chemical agents and detergents.