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Ever wondered how much plastic is in our oceans?

Over the last decades, plastic has become an important issue for our planet. The flexibility and durability of this material have made it become widely used in an infinite variety of materials and objects.

Increasing plastic production has been a trend that has mirrored its waste. Approximately 8 million tons of plastics end up in the seas and oceans every year as a result of poor waste management or abandonment. Mostly microplastics form, it all makes up 60-80% of marine litter. It is unknown how much plastic is in the seas. However, it is estimated that there are between 5 and 50 trillion pieces of plastic, excluding the ones on beaches and seabed. This is a global issue that is escalating alarmingly.

Marine animals have been suffering from the effects of plastic for years: entanglement, strangulation, suffocation, or malnourishment (from ingesting plastic and blocking its intestines). Including plankton, microplastics can be ingested by marine fauna. In fact, some can even make it to our plates.



In order to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans, we should act at the source of the waste. It is everyone's responsibility to reduce plastic consumption, from manufacturers to consumers to waste management administrations.

We offer you a series of tips to minimize the consumption of plastics:

  • Consume less single-use plastic, such as drinking straws
  • Make sure you bring a cloth bag when you plan to go shopping
  • Reduce your consumption of packaged products by buying more bulk food
  • Replace plastic Tupperware with glass or steel containers
  • Encourage your environment to reduce plastic consumption by explaining the importance of it
  • Wear natural fabrics and avoid cosmetics containing microplastics
  • Give certain containers another life by reusing them


And at Aqualy, how can we help?

We are aware of this great problem that affects us all and that is why with our sustainable products we do our bit.

Our coconut fiber filters are completely biodegradable and are the best substitute for bottled water. With our technology we filter all contaminating residues and odors while the minerals remain in the water, thus making the best drinking water! Therefore, we reduced the consumption of plastic by not buying more plastic water bottles.

In addition, with our products to obtain optimized water, we reduce the use of detergents, chemical products and cleaning agents since with less quantity of these products we achieve the same result and, consequently, it also contributes to relieving the pressure on groundwater and our environment.

You can help improve your life and the planet. Every action counts!

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