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GOURMET Package - 64

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The EWO Gourmet is our high-quality filtration system.

It provides all of the advantages of filtration and vitalization in only a simple solution as a single water tap or combination set for your kitchen sink.

GOURMET combines vitalization with filtration

The Italian design Elegance faucets are installed in place of the existing fitting. The faucets have their own outlet for the filtered water. That means that you can get ordinary tap water and filtered and vitalized water from 1 faucet.

GOURMET has an integrated filter and the VITAL 3/8” for vitalization. It is installed under the sink in the kitchen.

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Water filtration through activated carbon and membrane

The high-quality filter cartridges (Made in Germany) have a very large inner surface and therefore an extremely high absorption capacity. Among other things, chlorine, bacteria, drug residues and heavy metals are filtered out.

However, minerals remain in the drinking water!


The flow rate is up to 2l/min, depending on flow pressure, water quality and water temperature.

Cartridge duration

The filter cartridges must be changed after 6 months (according to DIN 1988). They can filter up to 10,000 liters of water. A decrease in filter performance is noticeable through a reduced water flow

Since the activated carbon in the cartridges is made from coconut shells, used cartridges can also be disposed of with household waste.


1 piece filter housing incl. activated carbon cartridge premium and wall bracket, flexible hoses, EWO® optimization module, 3- way faucet, complete assembly material.

  • Elegance 64

  • Elegance 88

  • Elegance 271

Easy Installation

The installation of the products is just as important as their quality.

The GOURMET system can be installed by the customer, but the prerequisite is, that the customer is technically skilled. Just email us if you would like more information on the Gourmet installation.

Aqualy works together with accredited installers who are trained for installations of the EWO products so that you are assured of a correct installation.

If you want installation, you can send us an email indicating this.

Click here to know more about the installation of our products

6-months filter change indicator

Your filter cartridges have to be changed no later than 6 months after first use or after reaching the maximum filter capacity. So, that you don’t miss the 6 months, you receive a filter change indicator for every filter product.

After 6 months, when the dark red bar fills the entire filter change indicator, the cartridge has to be changed.

Used filter change indicators (contaminant-free and non-toxic) can be disposed with the residual waste.

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    Our activated carbonated
    filters are biodegradable. Made out of coco fiber 🥥

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