Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Fontana Di Trevi - The iconic fountain in Rome, Italy

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most ancient water supplies in Rome, Italy, and well-known fountains in the world. Going on a trip to Rome would never be completed without visiting this construction, not only for its beautiful appearance but also it has lots of stories behind it.

This place can sometimes be difficult to find as it is enclosed between the buildings of the small square of Trevi. It is a baroque-style fountain that represents Neptune, god of the sea, taming the waters.


What is its importance with water?

Roman aqueducts were incredibly important to provide water from outside sources into public baths and fountains across the city. Its water abundance not only represented the well-being of the citizens but was also a demonstration of wealth and power for its growing society. Although there is obviously no longer a need for this at the present time, the aqueduct is still in utilization today and the fountain does still pump out lots of water every day.

Nowadays, all the water used is recycled, so there is no waste of water involved during the flowing of the fountain. As a result of this, it is completely unsafe to drink from the Trevi Fountain, unlike in ancient times. However, if you find yourself thirsty while having a walk in the eternal city, there are other small fountains around!


What can you do when you visit it?

One of the most symbolic things to do is to turn around and throw a coin in the fountain and then turn quickly to find the moment when the coin enters the water. One coin guarantees you a return trip to Rome, two coins, you will find love, and three coins mean you will marry the love of your life. All the money collected is given to an NGO and, being watched 24 hours, it is prohibited to steal, dive and swim in it.

This iconic landmark is an absolute must to visit. Appreciate its beauty, throw your coins in, and take a minute to admire how amazing the fountain and its history really are.


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