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The importance of filtered water and its benefits

Clean, filtered water is ready to drink straight from the source. Even though we have relatively good standard quality drinking water available, it still contains several impurities. So, this article isn't for you if you think you cannot improve your tap water.

Tap water can contain odours, heavy metals, and cleansing chemicals like chlorine, which can cause unpleasant smells and tastes. Besides, The regular consumption of water that contains these contaminants can lead to adverse health effects. Various water crises have also demonstrated that tap water is never entirely reliable. The presence of dissolved organics such as drugs, pesticides, and hormones is a growing concern in tap water supplies. This is a relatively new issue that is still being thoroughly researched. While it is unclear whether these residues are harmful if consumed through water, there is no doubt that a water filter can reduce their impact. Filters with higher quality can potentially remove these contaminants to a greater extent.

Bottled water might seem like the ideal solution. However, the cost of this both economically and environmentally, means that the best way to ensure your drinking water meets safety standards is to invest in a water filter. Filtered water can be up to 30 times cheaper than bottled water. Once your system is installed, you can rely on it for ages with almost no maintenance costs. It gives you all the benefits of bottled water without the financial cost and with the same vitalizing taste that you'd expect, right from the tap! What’s more, with a water filter you are not only saving money and time, but you are also protecting the planet by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles. Each minute, 1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold around the world.

In any case, you will be surprised at the benefits of filtered water. Aside from removing contaminants, filtered water has a number of other interests for your well-being.


 Other Benefits You Should Know


  1. Drink More Water

One of the less reputed advantages of a filter system is that it will help you drink more water. After purchasing their water filter, many consumers are surprised to find how much their water intake increases. The convenience of mineral-rich and clean drinking water in your kitchen means no more running to the store to stock bottled water or drinking that unpleasant tap water when you're thirsty at home.


  1. Tastier Food

Just the same way your water will taste better, your food will do too. This is because when you keep chemicals and contaminants out of your water supply before you cook, you should be able to preserve more of your food's natural flavour. Although it is common knowledge that boiling water before cooking avoids bad bacteria, this is not the case for heavy metals and chlorine.


  1. Reduce Lime Scale

Limescale is the result of hard water being formed by calcium and magnesium and the one to blame for that horrible scaly layer found inside kettles, boilers, and pipework, particularly that which handles hot water. A similar deposit is found often on the inner surfaces of old pipes and other surfaces such as sinks or crockery. When the water is especially hard or limescale is a big issue, a water filter makes a huge difference. With a water filter, you will no longer have to worry about limescale build-up in your drinking or cooking water.


  1. It Makes Better Tea & Coffee

Filtered water is essential for good coffee, tea, or espresso considering that 98% of all those beverages are made up of water. Whether at home or in your coffee shop, a water filter improves the quality and enhances the flavour of beverages. As we commented before, with a water filter the limescale is removed so you won’t get it more in your coffee pot or tea kettle. Additionally, appliances that use water such as coffee makers last longer and need less maintenance.


  1. Protect Your Teeth

It is important that your source of water contains minerals that will protect your teeth from cavities and other dental problems. Some filters, however, may remove important compounds from tap water, such as fluoride. Your filter choice will determine whether or not this occurs.  Thus, filter systems developed to remove impurities while maintaining the essential minerals are the best solution. Activated carbon is an excellent option.


  1. Improve your Skin

Do you want to know the key to healthy skin? Here it is. Simply, use filtered water to cleanse your face every time. Every time you take a bath, you can enjoy moisturized, healthy skin with a home water filter system that controls calcium and magnesium levels. As you continue to use the system, your skin should also become healthier with the absence of chlorine as this chemical is known to deplete the natural oils of your hair and skin and has harsh drying effects. 


Good water makes the difference

Nowadays, unless you install a water filter on your faucet, drinking tap water is no longer recommended due to bacteria and chemicals found in the water.  If you're concerned about tap water's safety, choose filtered water instead, an investment that could potentially protect your family's health.

Learn about our home filtration systems and contact us if you would like to know what product fits you best.

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