What is Vitalized Water?

What is Vitalized Water?


Man and all living things require water as their primary nutrient. Water can be changed and transformed. Through its structures, called clusters, it can store, transfer, and deliver information.

In nature, water clusters are small and harmonious in shape. However, when water is treated industrially, is forced through pipes under pressure, flows past electric pumps, and undergoes chemical treatments, the water clusters become unnaturally large and less functional.

This unnatural water treatment negatively affects the properties of the water. This leads to inefficient functioning of the water, for whatever purposes it is used. Heat and cold conduction are less good, the soluble capacity deteriorates and lime and other deposits form an undesirable load in pipes and equipment. As a result, more chemicals are needed to keep the pipe circuit and equipment connected to it clean and hygienic because the micro-bacterial balance is disturbed.


What is vitalized water?

Vitalized water is an advanced form of water that has been enhanced by using special technology. The process involves the combination of vortex, magnetism, and information transfer where the water regains its natural abilities in our tap water by returning its molecular structures to its original state. As the water molecules are dipoles (similar to directional magnets), they are able to re-absorb natural information. This is how tap water is vitalized to receive the characteristics of spring water.

In the EWO Method, normal tap water is first directed along the EWO helix, where it is whirled and thereby prepared to absorb information. The water also flows through a natural magnetic field, which changes the calcium characteristics of the water. This results in an improvement in the quality of water that contains all the essential elements needed for good health.


In what areas can you enjoy vitalized water?

It is possible to have the water immediately treated by a vitalizer upon entering the home or company. This water vitalizer is then installed on the main pipe in the fuse box. This provides vitalized water throughout your home or business whether kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, or all other devices with water connection.

Apart from that, in your business, you can benefit from an "added value" of your products manufactured with vitalizing devices. For instance, a bakery, coffee shop or restaurant where water is an important ingredient, but also other companies to reduce maintenance costs of pipes where costs will relativize quickly!

Plants and animals react positively to the EWO water as well, this makes it a great product for farmers in agriculture and livestock, horticulture, and gardening. 

On the other side, swimming pools and spas can also take advantage of the vitalized water as not only they will get a better bathing feeling but will reduce the number of chemicals and their smell.


What are the benefits of vitalized water?

In general, vitalized water will be leading to the following effects:

  • Reduces existing scale, coatings, mud, and other deposits and prevents new deposits in the circuit. (Existing pollution in the water circuit is cleaned up within 2 to 3 months and then prevented.)
  • The lifespan of water devices such as washing machines, dishwashers, and fittings such as taps and shower heads is extended (with a factor of 1.5 to 2, assuming new equipment).
  • Maintenance costs for the water circuit and associated equipment and activities are reduced by approximately 50%.
  • Cleaning is needed less often, easier and faster. At least 50% less chemicals are needed for the same cleaning result in washing machines, dishwashers, the bucket of soapy water, or other chemicals.
  • Surfaces are easier to clean as reduced water surface tension makes the detergents more efficient


Depending on the area of application, you can benefit from way more other things: 


In your house or office

  • Everywhere in the house you will get soft water and because you shower with vital water, you also have noticeably softer skin and hair. (And less shampoo needed of course!)
  • Skin problems caused by showering and bathing will largely be prevented.
  • Your animals will also benefit from the vitalized effects when they drink it.
  • The water you drink tastes better and fresher.


Food preparation and mixture

  • Vital water provides better retention of flavor, texture, and nutritional value. Thus, the quality of your end products will increase.
  • Products are kept fresh for longer thanks to the better water absorption and which allows for a longer shelf-life.
  • Milk production is improved and end products are more aromatic


Swimming pool, spas' and natural ponds

  • Reduction of swimming pool chemicals included the use of chlorine.
  • Skin problems caused by swimming pool chemicals will be prevented.
  • The texture, viscosity, and smell of the water is improved and experienced as more soft to the skin and it gives a better feeling when swimming.


Agriculture and horticulture

  • Plants and flowers grow faster and bigger. Stronger root, stem, leaf, and fruit growth.
  • The properties of the water are improved, increasing the number of useful micro-elements and bacteria in the cultivation soil and restoring the balance in the soil.
  • Doubling the life of cut flowers. No additional feeding is required.
  • Plants are more resistant to germs.
  • Roots absorb water better
  • At least 20% less water is needed to humidify trees, plants, and flowers.


The EWO vitalization technology does not add or remove any substances, consumes no electricity or chemicals, and is completely maintenance-free. This particularly sustainable technology is so effective that the Return On Investment is on average between 6-12 months.

Many people and businesses are already convinced by vitalized water effects as they got to know and appreciate all its advantages. 

Let us know if you would like to know more about this particular technology and we will write a new post!

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