Installation of our products

The installation of the products is just as important as their quality.

Aqualy works together with accredited plumbers who are trained for the installation of EWO products so that you are assured of a correct installation. If you want installation, provide us with the information below by email.

Note: Only customers living in the Netherlands & the Flanders region (Belgium)

  • Photos

    of sink cupboard / fuse box / main water supply / heat pump / boiler environment, depending on where the product is installed.

  • Description

    of adjacent appliances (such as a refrigerator) and the electrical appliances and wiring present within one meter of the location where the product is to be installed.

You can email this to:


The costs for installation depend on the product and your situation.

The hourly rate including call-out charges and VAT is € 65. This is exclusive of material costs. The installer takes an average of 1 to 2 hours per installation. When scheduling the appointment, the installer can give an estimate of the time based on the photos and description sent.

The installer will invoice you for the installation work separately.

  • The installers of Aqualy can also take care of your installation if you have purchased the product from another store.

    You then contact us separately by e-mail and provide the information above. The additional costs (on top of the hourly rate of the installer, see under the heading Costs) for this are € 25 handling costs. These handling costs are invoiced separately by Aqualy.